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David Lockie

Tree-hugging, technology-loving, CEO of Pragmatic, music lover, husband, step dad.

Homo digitalis

I’m a Zoologist by degree. I work in digital now but zoology (and science in general) is a philosophy and mental model that doesn’t leave you. I’m not the first person to observe that we’re undergoing a new era of…


15 x 15’s to raise £15k for my 15kth day So here’s the plan. In April, I’ll be 15,000 days old. That felt worth marking somehow. Separately, one of my goals this year is to raise some money for charity…

Weekly photos

To help get the creative juices flowing again this year, I’m posting a photo a week over on Instagram. I’d kind of like to do this for every week of my life going back as far as I can. Let’s…

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