I’m annoyingly earnest.

Find me mainly on Twitter and divydovy.eth. If you’re looking for crypto resources, I’m being a curatoooooor of such things here: https://divydovy.notion.site/Crypto-12614581ba814381acd9a062a5c4559b

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Final report for my GFTW ambassadorship!

Wrote this up and published it today. https://community.webmonetization.org/divydovy/david-lockie-wordpress-ambassadorship-grant-report-18527573-2113 Go give it a read and give me some feedback!

Crypto Terror

It seems inevitable that giving groups of very techno-savvy people powerful new cryptographic tools, opportunities to make generational wealth, autonomously and anonymously self-organise and assert economic influence will lead to the bad bits of humans rearing…

Press for Word 2021 – WordPress & AI

I was honoured to be invited to speak at Press for Word 2021 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The organisers have kindly uploaded my talk to YouTube if you’d like to check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVcjX9zQ4GY

The clown in the mirror

I heard an analogy on a podcast (frustratingly I can’t find it now) about how Trump appeared to be a clown, and people laughed at him. But when the people looked at him again, he held…

web3 – What do brands and agencies need to know?

This was an event for BIMA where I co-chair the blockchain council with Paula Pettit: https://bima.co.uk/events/web3-what-do-brands-agencies-need-to-know/ BIMA Blockchain Breakfast Briefing:Web3 changes the rules, breaking away from traditional centralized models of the internet and moving towards a…

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