I’m annoyingly earnest.

Find me mainly on Twitter and divydovy.eth. If you’re looking for crypto resources, I’m being a curatoooooor of such things here: https://divydovy.notion.site/Crypto-12614581ba814381acd9a062a5c4559b

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Dave Lockie on WP Tavern podcast

I recorded a podcast with Nathan Wrigley from WP Tavern (@wpbuilds on Twitter) before my WCEU talk. Here it is! https://wptavern.com/podcast/33-david-lockie-on-why-web3-and-wordpress-might-work-together

Final report for my GFTW ambassadorship!

Wrote this up and published it today. https://community.webmonetization.org/divydovy/david-lockie-wordpress-ambassadorship-grant-report-18527573-2113 Go give it a read and give me some feedback!

Crypto Terror

It seems inevitable that giving groups of very techno-savvy people powerful new cryptographic tools, opportunities to make generational wealth, autonomously and anonymously self-organise and assert economic influence will lead to the bad bits of humans rearing…

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