I’m annoyingly earnest.

Find me mainly on Twitter and divydovy.eth. If you’re looking for crypto resources, I’m being a curatoooooor of such things here: https://divydovy.notion.site/Crypto-12614581ba814381acd9a062a5c4559b

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Web Monetization for WordPress

I’m an ambassador for Grant for the Web for the WordPress ecosystem. As part of my work there, I’ve created a content series about how to use Web Monetization on WordPress sites. I hope you enjoy…

Of Apes and Wapuus

A guest post for the Web3 WP project: There’s a lot of talk at the moment of NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens. NFTs are a crypto or web3 technology that can be thought of as a…

A crypto & web3 primer

I originally wrote this for a friend who was looking to get some exposure to this asset class but since then others have asked for it so I thought I’d share a modified version publically. First:…

WordPress + Blockchain = Disruption + Opportunity

I’ve worked with WordPress for 14 years (I’m now CMO at Angry Creative) at this point so I inevitably look at blockchain and blockchain-inspired projects from that perspective: that of the open web. In this 3-part series…

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