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David Lockie

Tree-hugging, technology-loving, CEO of Pragmatic, music lover, husband, step dad.

The clown in the mirror

Painting of a clown

I heard an analogy on a podcast (frustratingly I can’t find it now) about how Trump appeared to be a clown, and people laughed at him. But when the people looked at him again, he held up a mirror, and…

Of Apes and Wapuus

A guest post for the Web3 WP project: There’s a lot of talk at the moment of NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens. NFTs are a crypto or web3 technology that can be thought of as a “primitive”. A primitive in…

A crypto & web3 primer

I originally wrote this for a friend who was looking to get some exposure to this asset class but since then others have asked for it so I thought I’d share a modified version publically. First: DYOR – Do Your…

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