Farcaster Frames – WooCommerce Bounty write-up

What is Farcaster?

Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralized social network built on Ethereum.

It is a public social network similar to Twitter and Reddit. Users can create profiles, post “casts” and follow others. They own their accounts and relationships with other users and are free to move between different apps.


Whilst it’s nowhere near the size of Twitter or Facebook, Farcaster has been growing at a good rate through 2024 and this dashboard (pictured below) indicates around 50k daily active users. 

What are frames?

Farcaster Frames allow people to build interactive experiences that are native to the Farcaster protocol. Want to buy some (edible) cookies? Do it without leaving your feed. Same with minting NFTs, etc. A useful mental model for this is to think about Twitter. Usually posts are just text, images or videos, but there are also some special post types such as polls, spaces. These have a specific layout and functionality that departs from the normal tweet format. Frames is a standard to build these kinds of experiences but in an open way – anyone can build a frame that does anything.

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Woo merchants to get their products off their ecommerce sites and into a social media context. Frames allow merchants to create discoverability and even purchase journeys that are native to the social media feed itself – and let’s be honest, that’s where most people spend most of their time.

This is the decentralised social equivalent of Instagram Shopping or TikTok Shop in terms of merchants and ecommerce. 

What’s this post about?

I got the OK from Automattic (where I work as Web3 Lead) to put out a bounty available for folks to build Frames that work with WordPress and WooCommerce – and then to write the bounty up here on my own blog. Thanks Automattic!

Here’s the bounty I posted: 


And the Google Docs link for clickability.

A winning application

We received one winning application within the bounty time period:


What does Dhruv’s frame actually do?

Here’s a video showing the flow – I’ll explain beneath what’s happening.

(enjoy my tunes!)

I put together this little video to show what’s involved. I haven’t hooked up an actual Woo store here, just using Dhruv’s own test store. But to explain what’s happening:

  1. Dhruv has a demo Woo store at https://demostore.smood.finance/
  2. He’s built an app at https://woo-com-frames.vercel.app/ which allows a Woo merchant to connect their store and configure a Frame.
  3. Once configured, that Frame can be posted to Farcaster just like any other cast (casts are like tweets).
  4. From there, within the Farcaster feed, a user can browse the products on the demo store and then click through to view or buy on the site.

Nithin’s frame

We also received this (excellent) application from Nithin Reddy. The application was too late to qualify for a bounty but Nithin has kindly given me permission to talk about the application and show the video here.

Essentially it’s taking Dhruv’s frame concept and extending it to be a full ecommerce journey by allowing payment and address submission all within the frame. 

I can’t emphasise enough how cool I think this is: end to end WooCommerce journeys within a totally separate social feed context. To me, this is the promise of what Woo & Web3 looks like. Commerce happening everywhere, all powered by Woo at the centre. 


I really enjoyed this whole process. The bounty process was itself interesting – putting a reward out there and then receiving applications and adjudicating on a time constraint. What we ended up with was a decent first frame for Woo winning a bounty, and a second application which creates a whole end to end WooCommerce-in-a-frame ecommerce experience.

I hope we run more bounties like this in the future!

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