Web 3 & WordPress: Preparing for the next future of digital with Pragmatic’s David Lockie

The digital world is changing. Fast. The next evolution of the web and WordPress will open up all new experiences you can use to delight and surprise your audience in ways that deliever more value to the visitor and the businesses that serve them than ever before.In this episode of PressThis, we interview WordPress futurist and owner of the advanced WordPress agnecy Pragmatic David Lockie about Web 3 and the future of digital.

Web 3 technologies are either already here or on the horizon such as AR, AI, bots, 5G, edge computing, blockchain, and many more. Together these technologies present huge opportunities to innovate and drive growth. For many brands,Web 3 offers powerful tools which are delivering value now; however, for many other brands these technolgies are currently out of reach.

David explores his ideas on how brands can take advantage of Web 3 today and for those not ready to take advantage, David shares what you can do to prepare for the next generation of digital.
Don’t miss this chance to learn about the future of digital and what you can do to leverage this amazing new world and deliver awe inspiring experiences your customers will love and drive unique and powerful value for your business. Listen now!



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