Adding a Pause Button to jCarousel (slight fix)

I was recently asked by a client to add a pause button to the jCarousel-powered carousel on their site.

To do this, I used this post by Jeremy Mikola (thanks Jeremy). Here's his code:

    vertical: true, 
    scroll: 1, 
    auto: 5, 
    initCallback: function(jc, state) { 
      if (state == 'init') { 
        // Insert a play/pause button between the prev/next buttons 
        $('div.jcarousel-prev-vertical').after('<div class="jcarousel- 
toggle-vertical" style="display:block;"></div>');   

        /* Override the internal startAuto() method, which is called 
         * animations complete, to prevent next/prev buttons from 
         * the timer while in the pause state. 
        jc.startAutoOrig = jc.startAuto; 
        jc.startAuto = function() { 
          if (!jc.paused) { 

        jc.pause = function() { 
          jc.paused = true; 
        };  = function() { 
          jc.paused = false; 

        // Click event for playback toggle button, conditionally calls 
          if (this.timer === null) { 
          } else { 

However, I had a bit of trouble with it and had to make a change, as follows:

For some reason, "this.timer === null" wasn't working for me. 

I replaced that section with: 

        if (jc.paused) { 
        } else { 

Seemed logical and seems to work... 

Hope that helps someone. 

I did try to post this as a comment on Nabble, but it's still pending, so I'm posting here for now.

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