Are You the Bug in the Rug?

Ever feel lost, powerless or generally adrift? This is a poem that’s always struck a chord with me. Hope it does the same for you:

People who fly have a different view of the world than those who spend their lives on the ground. A very wise man once wrote a poem while he was flying, and he called this poem “The God’s Eye View,” and he said that this view was entirely different than the view he always had on the ground, which he called “The Bug’s Eye View.”

Out there, somewhere, in the air we fly through, exists an old Persian legend much like this poem about a bug who spent his entire life in the world’s most beautifully designed Persian rug. All the bug ever saw in his lifetime were his problems. They stood up all around him. He couldn’t see over the top of them, and he had to fight his way through these tufts of wool in the rug to find the crumbs that people had spilled on the rug. And the tragedy of the story of the bug in the rug was this: that he lived and he died in the world’s most beautifully designed rug, but he never once knew that he spent his life inside something which had a pattern. Even if he, this bug, had even once gotten above the rug so that he could have seen all of it, he would have discovered something – that the very things he called his problems were a part of the pattern.

Have you ever felt like that bug in the rug? That you are so surrounded by your problems that you can’t see any pattern to the world in which you live? Have you heard anybody say lately that the world is a total mess? That, my friends, is the Bug’s Eye View, and seeing only a little of the world, me might be inclined to think that this is true.

I first heard this poem on the Cold Krush Cuts album from Ninja Tune many years ago – it remains one of my favourite albums. Thanks to birdonmyshoulder for the transcript.


  1. Hi Divy,
    I’m quite familiar with this poem from the Cold Krush Cuts record I have. However, I have found it so hard to find the guy who talks about the legend on the record -do you know his name? But really, I would love to find the text of the original legend itself -could you help?


  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the comment/sorry for the slow reply. I had a quick search around but couldn’t find anything.

    I guess it’s just as likely that the legend part is made up to add authenticity to the poem?

    Good luck on your quest!


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