15 x 15’s to raise £15k for my 15kth day

So here’s the plan. In April, I’ll be 15,000 days old.

That felt worth marking somehow. Separately, one of my goals this year is to raise some money for charity to give back more.

When I posted on Twitter to ask for ideas on how to celebrate a 15kth day anniversary, one of the best suggestions was this from Henry Wright:

That immediately got me thinking: how could I raise £15k for charity? Run or cycle 15km as Henry suggests? How about if I did 15x 15s? Every day for 15 days?

So that’s now the plan. My charity of choice is the World Land Trust (David Attenborough is a patron and that’s enough for me!) and it looks like they have a Big Match Fortnight in October (or at least they used to).

So I’m going to plan and train to do 15x15x15x15 in October.

Here’s the list of activities I’ve got so far:

  1. Run 15k
  2. Walk 15k
  3. Mountain bike 15k
  4. Road bike 15k
  5. Row 15k
  6. Elliptical 15k
  7. Treadmill 15k
  8. Drive 15k (rest day!)
  9. Swim 1,500m
  10. Kayaking 15k
  11. Climb 150m on a climbing wall
  12. Climb a 1,500m mountain?
  13. 150m abseiling (the i360?)
  14. Sailing 15k
  15. Sky diving from 15k?

I’d love some ideas/feedback on what’d be good ideas!

Oh and on the actual day, I’ll probably do something nice!!


  1. I didn’t expect you to set such a huge challenge. You will deserve the £15,000 at the end of it. World Land Trust is a fab charity and I wish you the very best of luck

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