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Cufon :hover Fix

Just a quick post. I have implemented cufon for a client’s website to replace the titles with a nice new non-web-safe font. This code worked perfectly to replace the titles with the new font. Cufon.replace(‘h1’, { fontFamily: ‘Helvetica Neue LT…

iPhone, Twitter & Smugmug

I would love an app that let me use Smugmug as a Twitter photo service. Or, an iPhone->Smugmug photo uploader that automatically posts a link to Twitter. Posterous – I’m looking at you. Smugmug – I’m keeping a hopeful eye…

VPS: Hosting WordPress and Flat Websites Together with Apache

I have my own Virtual Private Server (VPS) on which I use the excellent Virtual Multiblog (d'oh - still haven't finished that post) to host multiple Wordpress sites on one server. I then wanted to consolidate some other sites I'm responsible for onto this VPS and save some hosting fees. I didn't want to rewrite them as Wordpress blogs though, and that left me trying to figure out how to host both types of site on one server using WAMP.

URL Shorteners and SEO/PageRank

Whilst browsing around on Twitter last night when I should really have been browsing the inside of my eyelids, I saw an interesting question from @euan: Wondering if shortened url’s count towards Google page rank …. Now my immediate…

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