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David Lockie

Tree-hugging, technology-loving, CEO of Pragmatic, music lover, husband, step dad.

The Ethical Presentations Company

A friend’s start-up business website providing ethical presentation skills to non-profit organisations. This is the first site I built (to design) as a standalone HTML/CSS site from scratch and thus represented a great leap forward in my understanding of HTML…

Brighton & Hove Building Green

Website design and build for a small Brighton non-profit organisation aiming to increase awareness of the benefits of green roofs and walls. Built upon my initial experiences with HTML and CSS to produce a bigger and more complex site. Also…

Wilson Lodge

A family friend’s business, built on the same architecture as I coordinated security and consolidation of domain names, DNS and email communication to facilitate their business processes and I also remastered the corporate branding and produced branded stationnery and…

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