Send Email to Gmail Groups – Why no UK support?

I’ve read a couple of posts online about how to send email to contact groups in Gmail. Apparently this is quite possible in Australia and the US (or at least it was at some point). Why can’t we do it in the UK? Don’t you trust us Google?

If somone sends me a funny that I want to send on to my friends, I have to copy the message, go to my contacts, find the group, select to email them, then paste the email/attachments in and send. It would be nice to be able to click ‘forward’, type the group name and go.

Would love to know any quick ways to do this, or any idea from the Gmail team as to when and if this is coming to the UK?

*UPDATE 11/02/09*

W00t! It just worked for me – thanks Gmail team!

*UPDATE 09/03/09*

Gah! It’s stopped working again now. I’m not sure whether I’m trying to do it differently this time, or whether they’ve taken support away again – I’ll keep looking and post if I find anything.

*UDPATE 01/03/10*

OK – so it seems to me some kind of intermittent problem. On dodgy connections, I often find that the group send functionality isn’t available. But, if I sign out and back in, it reappears. Perhaps it’s a JavaScript issue. Either way, a good old sign out/in seems to be the fix.