On phlegmatism

introverted and stabile was phlegmatic

“Red Mars (Mars Trilogy Book 1)” by Kim Stanley Robinson

I’ll admit that until last night I didn’t know what phlegmatic meant. A really interesting part of Red Mars (book referenced above) is where the physchologist (Michel Duval) comes up with his own theory of personality types that combines stability/lability (I didn’t know what that word meant either) with introversion/extroversion and ends up with four personality types that match the ancient humours: sanguine (stable extrovert) choleric (labile extrovert), phlegm (stable introvert) and melancholic (labile introvert).

Michel Duval’s theory of personalities

I actually found it super helpful to try to place myself on this and realised I’m probably phlegmatic. I love being around people but I definitely feel I’m more introverted than extroverted – but I’m thankfully stable.

So there we are: not only pragmatic but phlegmatic too. Where do you end up on that matrix?