I’m really into sustainability stuff, having worked in the sector for ten years and a degree in Zoology. Until May 2010, I was Development Director at The Low Carbon Economy Ltd.

A little summary of what I did there:

  • Web Development – although I do a little bit of coding (and a lot of CSS/HTML markup), my primary role was coordinating a talented technical team to deliver quality results on time. In the first year of, our small team built a Google PageRank 5 site with over 100,000 pages indexed by Google, over 1,000 registered users and 450 registered organisations.
  • Web Strategy – I was a major influence in the overall direction that the company took in terms of vision and operation. I successfully coupled website development to the business requirements of the business and its clients. The site now appears on Page 1 of Google’s organic results for a wide range of relevant search terms and connects thousands of people and businesses with low carbon information and solutions every week. I developed and was responsible for sending a weekly newsletter to over 24,000 addresses.
  • Content Author – I’ve so far added over 250 low carbon tips, discussions, pictures, reviews and resources to the site which, combined, have been viewed over 500,000 times.
  • Social Networker – Skilled at establishing and developing on- and off-line relationships with business partners, clients and suppliers resulting in increased sales and traffic for the business.

I think a lot about sustainability issues, and write blog posts about my thinking whenever I get the time. The views I express in my personal blog are entirely my own.

I’m proud to be involved with Brighton and Hove 10:10.