The best way to check out what I’m up to is on my Google Profile Here are some highlights:

  • Funny, cool, arty or generally inspiring things I find on my webby wanderings: posterous, or contact me if you’d like to be added to the email list instead.
  • My heroes include David Attenborough, Charles Darwin, Tim O’Reilly and Benoît Mandelbrot.
  • I love cooking. And eating. I make awesome pizza, saag paneer and spanakopita. I cook like I live and work: sure there’s a recipe, but if you can’t innovate, personalise and develop then you’ll always be cooking someone else’s recipe.
  • I’ve sponsored a bit of rainforest and hope to sponsor more.
  • My family and I are members of the Bat Conservation Trust.
  • I love a good game of tennis and riding my mountain bike.

I love taking photos – find me on SmugMug and Instagram, do a lot of Twittering, and some blogging – all of which you can see below.