Enterprise Ecommerce with WooCommerce at the center

Enterprise ecommerce is polarising. Option 1 is to choose a platform like Adobe or Salesforce, pay your license fees and hope you can drive the platform better than your competitors. Option 2 is to build your own platform by choosing best-of-breed components and services. This talk will run through a case study of how Pragmatic have delivered an Option 2 solution for a B2B ecommerce customer, including:
– why WordPress and WooCommerce are a great fit to play the central role in modern digital marketing and ecommerce platforms
– infrastructure – software architecture (integrations, components, etc)
– user experiences (e.g. personalisation)
– data strategy (e.g. single customer view & business intelligence)
We believe this polarisation of modern architecture is a key trend facing the WordPress industry.

Via WordPress.tv

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